Passenger Services

     Passenger service agents are the face of the airline, and such a responsibility cannot be neglect lightly. When you enlist AOTGA to handle your airline’s passenger services, excellent customer service is guaranteed. Each of passenger  services agents undergo a rigorous interview and selection process and in-depth training. Before passenger service agents are released to service, they are equipped with the skills necessary to provide the highest degree of professionalism and hospitality in every situation that may arise.

    AOTGA passenger service agents are extremely trained in all of the major check-in systems used by airlines. In addition to check-in, these individuals can assist passengers with lost and found, arrival and transfer, and airport ticketing.


Check-in and Boarding

»  AOTGA passenger service agents welcome and check-in passengers. We offer the frontline customer service to passengers. AOTGA passenger service agents check all  passengers departure documentation, also extend customer service and information to passengers. Moreover, we check-in passenger baggage, provide luggage labels and check a passenger's baggage according to airline specifications and processes additional charges when necessary.

   Our teams are responsible for coordinating the boarding of passengers onto aircraft, as well as deplaning. When it is time to board, we check each passenger's boarding pass. We announce boarding times and any news related to the flight. Passengers in the gate area can board a plane at specific times according to seating class and row and make sure no one gets left behind.

Transit and Transfer Services

»  Passengers who have a transit/transfer stop of less than 24 hours  between the departure and the arrival , who continue their travel with the same or different airline company or who continue their travel with the same flight number, our team will help you complete procedures at security, immigration, baggage drop off and collection.

Lost and Found

»  Passenger service agent provides assistance for passengers who have lost items. Our team helps passengers with all baggage irregularities and ensures that they receive quick, dependable and friendly service at all times. Answers phone, email, and in-person inquiries regarding lost items. Accepts found items from multiple sources and enters items in our computerized system.

Airport Ticketing

»  AOTGA are expected to sell flights and other products the airline may offer, as well as assist passengers with inquiries or other requests, such as flight changes or cancellations, collecting charges for excessive baggage. We provide information regarding dates, schedules, availability, and prices of flights.


Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility

»  AOTGA also help, assist and board passengers with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs with any special request they may have, such as helping passengers with limited mobility or escorting unaccompanied minors to and from the airplane. Our professional team have the ability to deal with high-stress and fast-changing conditions, and also have the ability to effectively communicate with customers.