Flight Operations Services

     AOTGA controls the flow of services and ensures safe and smooth operations. We are a centralized communication and control center to ensure the availability of sufficient resources at all times. Our teams are effectively monitor and control ground operations by engaging the teams, each with their different but complementary areas of responsibility. The benefit of this for customers is quick turnarounds, minimal delays and high on-time-performance.

    We through their integrated system of monitoring all ramp activities required for a successful and time-efficient aircraft turn-around, their track-in for all ramp and cabin activities ensures that precision timings are followed or disruptions are mitigated to ensure a safe and secure handling of flights.


Flight Dispatcher

» Our team understand the tasks performed by air traffic controllers, including Interaction and effective communication between aircraft and air traffic controllers; execution of follow-up activities, and ensuring smooth operations during flights. We ensure best practice standards are adopted and all regulatory requirements met, monitor the departure and arrival times of aircraft; ensure that flights run on time, apply a series of airport safety rules and procedures to ensure a safe working environment for airport crews. Our expert aviation personnel provide support to help you meet the strictest safety requirements and continually monitor for delays that could impact your overall operation.

Load Control

» AOTGA’s meticulous flight operations and load control services ensure the precise functioning of all flights. Our team is qualified to provide weight and balance documentation in accordance with legal requirements and safety regulations. It is our responsibility to ensure that accurate generated weight and balance data is in order at all times while complying with safety regulations in keeping all operations running efficiently.


Turnaround Coordinator

» Our teams do perform overall supervision of flight and responsible for the safety, on time departure of flight and maintain customer service level. Ensure all key staffs are aware of the Standard Time Departure / Estimate Time Departure and monitor and record of all service to customer. We meet the aircraft and commence driving turnaround and record the information required by the carrier. Moreover, we are required to regular communicate with crew, gate, ramp and operation.