Cargo Warehouse Services

     AOTGA Cargo Warehouse Services, we serve the Logistics and Supply Chain customers in Air Transportation scheme with our full facilities, automate and high standard equipment. Our Latest Cargo Terminal located in Phuket International Airport with 696.8 sq.m. we provide handling systems to support Airlines and Freight Forwarder needs such as to transport fresh food, seafoods, vegetable, to ship supplies around the world, etc.



» Acceptance services to facilitate air cargo industry, AOTGA cargo operations provided cargo acceptance facilities, to measure dimension and weight, to count pieces and identify commodity with certified scales from Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce. Our employees are responsible for measurement all cargo to be uplift and deliver to destination without fail and without incorrect details to service our airlines and their customers with thrust.

Safety and Security awareness

» Safety and Security Awareness, our cargo facilities have inspected and is validated approval on the basis of aviation security validation, we provided extremely secured warehouse area with high standard x-ray machine to screen all shipments from airlines customers and well prepared to fulfill aircraft capacity.

Certification and Special Care

» For Cargo Certification and Cargo Special care, we provided resources included trained man power and certified tools with maintenance plan to generate all shipments ready to be uplift onboard under safety and security condition. Our team have trained and hold the IATA cargo handling licenses, such as DG CAT-6 licenses, etc.

Warehouse Operations

» Warehouse operations, depending on worldwide logistics and supply chain scheme, our warehouse and cargo terminal for air transportation cycle have fulfill with resources and equipment under supervision controlled and monitoring, we can serve 500 tons of air cargo shipment per year delivered worldwide north through south and east to west.


Customer Services and Documents Handling

» Our company provide customs data services and well known the cargo systems such as Cargo sPOT, etc. And transaction data between SITA and EDI message worldwide to update and track the shipment 24/7, we support both inbound and outbound document handling for smooth cargo delivery and attend full air cargo services for all customers both domestic and international route.